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"I can't even begin to tell you how much we appreciated and enjoyed your performance yesterday!  You are so gifted and we are all envious of your talents! We hope you will come perform for us again!  Thank you! Enjoy your holiday!  God Bless!" Christy Cook, 2nd grade teacher, St. Ann Catholic School, Fayetteville, NC

"I enjoyed the story with all the social studies connections.  It also integrated language arts with fiction and non-fiction.  The music (songs, dancing and instruments) were so good! The pace was good for antsy 4th and 5th graders." Rosita Garrett, 5th grade teacher, Easley Elementary, Durham, NC
"An outstanding performance.  Children listened very well! Mr. Levitt let the children get involved.  Questions at end of program showed how well children has listened.  Would highly recommend Mr. Levitt to perform at other schools. Again, thanks for a super program." Jean Outlaw, substitute teacher, Eastover-Central Elementary, Fayetteville, NC
"I greatly enjoyed how Mr. Levitt incorporated the stories of people from different cultures and lands into his show.  The children could identify with the European, African and Native American characters.  They also enjoyed being able to sing along and being able to learn the hand movements."  Irene Johnson, 4th grade teacher, St. Ann Catholic School, Fayetteville, NC

"We all enjoyed how the different stories came together to explain how clogging came to be.  The students enjoyed the instruments and the interaction. Thank you for your commitment."  4th Grade Team, Easley Elementary, Durham, NC 
"Excellent.  Loved your map (I'm going to make one for my room). Excellent performance-hand gestures, voice, audience interaction.  Your question/answer session with the students (loved it)."  Holly Jackson, 2nd grade teacher, Eastover-Central Elementary, Fayetteville, NC
Students learned about the cultures and hardships of people from different countries and learned about the different instruments they played.  Very entertaining-the students enjoyed it.  Student participation made it fun for them and helped to keep them focused and attentive.  Performer was very engaging and held the students' interest. The program was enjoyable and educational.  The different instruments were interesting and the students enjoyed listening to the sounds along with the dancing, all while learning about the cultures and histories of those people."  Donna Henry, substitute teacher, Turner Creek Elementary, Apex, NC
"Excellent presentation.  Mr. Levitt related well to the students.  His performance generated interest to his art form." E.P. Hedgecoe, 5th grade teacher, Eastover-Central Elementary, Fayetteville, NC

"Mr. Levitt brings history and multiculturism in a friendly and understandable way to all children."  Nena A. Callaghan, Kindergarten teacher, St. Ann Catholic School, Fayetteville, NC
"The performance was very entertaining and educational.  I think you did an outstanding job! The kids all seemed to enjoy the performance and you held their attention well.  Thank you for coming." Tiffany Sessons, substitute teacher, Eastover-Central Elementary School, Fayetteville, NC
"Thanks for your presentation today.  I learned a great deal about the origin of the steps and rhythms that combine to form the clogging dance.  I've always enjoyed watching this type of dance and feel that it may peak an interest in some of the students to take lessons now." SueSpruill, 1st grade teacher, Eastover-Central Elementary School, Fayetteville, NC
"This program was educational and entertaining.  You allowed audience participation and provided the students an opportunity to stand up and move during the presentation.  I especially enjoyed the variety of musical instruments used." Donna Davis, 4th grade teacher, Eastover-Central Elementary School, Fayetteville, NC
"I felt that you incorporated the exact amount of audience participation and instruction.  The students never lost interest, and that's not an easy accomplishment."  Sally Swanson, 2nd grade teacher, Eastover-Central Elementary School, Fayetteville, NC
"The students really enjoyed your performance and learned sone interesting things about how music played an important part of our history." Rebecca Stoudt, 4th grade teacher, Pitts School Road Elementary, Concord, NC
"The assembly program was engaging and educational.  Having students come to the mike to tell what they learned was good.  Maps were a good touch. One hour would have been better!" Grace Repass, Principal, Mary Scroggs Elementary School, Chapel Hill, NC
"I love teaching history, and felt that your program displayed the effectiveness of integrating song and dance into historical information.  I have used the same approach in the past with excellent results.  Thank you for a fine program!" Carolyn Streszoff, 3rd grade teacher, Mary Scroggs Elementary School, Chapel Hill, NC
"I thought that your program today was excellent!  Your story was engaging and entertaining.  I also felt that your simple, broken down, instructions were easy to follow for the visually impaired students.  Continue your blessed message and work!"  Cindy Jenkins, Language Arts, The Governor Morehead School, Raleigh, NC
"This was a wonderful program weaving together cultures to tell the story of a traditional dance.  Mr. Levitt was engaging and entertaining!" Rita Singh, 3rd grade teacher, Mary Scroggs Elementary School, Chapel Hill, NC
"I must say that the students and staff at The Governor Morehead School really enjoyed your performance here a couple of weeks ago.  I work with the younger students, and they had a great time singing, clapping, and listening to you tell your stories and play your instruments.  Most of my students are mentally challenged, and I doubt that they understood the stories, but they had a ball anyway.  For some of our other students who are on an academic track, I am sure that after hearing your stories about North Carolina history, they have a better understanding of what they had studied or will study in the classroom. Margaret Carter, Elementary Teacher, The Governor Morehead School, Raleigh, NC
"This was an exceptional program.  Children were involved and excited the entire hour.  Mr. Levitt did an outstanding job teaching early settlers to NC." Nikki Risinger, 3rd grade teacher, Baileywick Elementary School, Raleigh, NC
"Mr. Levitt you were a "breath of fresh air!"  We all enjoyed the performance so much.  I found it wonderful that you explained how the instruments were made from parts of animals.  The rhythms tied in with the music class, as well.  Anyone that needs to learn NC history would enjoy your show!" Kathy Leach, Teacher Assistant, Baileywick Elementary School, Raleigh, NC
"How knowledgeable you are! I enjoyed the fast pace of your storytelling very much! The group participation, use of instruments, the larte map display, and the question and answer/what I learned times were very effective teaching tools-and fun!!  Loved it!"
Teri Gentri, 4th, 5th,and 6th grades teacher, Sterlling Montessori Academy and Charter School, Morrisville, NC
"Steve Levitt-Thank you so much for your exquisit performance and dedication to youth and adults. Your performance was educational as well as entertaining.  Thank you!!" Janet Littlejohn, Cultural Arts Representative and Educator, Sterling Montessori Academy and Charter School, Morrisville, NC
"Your program is excellent.  The use of unusual instruments fascinated the students;  many students made comments to that effect afterward.  You have a high level of energy and kept the students engaged.  I feel that many of the concepts and details you mentioned will be remembered by the students, especially the term "historical fiction."  Thank you for such a wonderful performance."
Nancy Childress, Exceptional Children, Ashley Elementary School, Fayetteville, NC
"I am very pleased at the level of participation for our students during the performance.  I feel that all of our young folks should be exposed to the origins of our country's artistic diversity.  Your grasp of their attention was immediate and continued throughout the performance.  Loved it!" Karen Kollar, 5th grade teacher, Ashley Elementary School, Fayetteville, NC